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The karimojong are part of an ethnic group once called Nilo-Hamites and now referred to as the Nilotes of the plains. The total ethnic group is made up of Samburu, Maasai, Turkana, Dodoth, Teso, Karimojong, and the Jie. Located in north eastern part of Uganda, Karamoja is about 27,200 square Kilometers area of semi-arid savanna, bush and mountains. To the east, the escarpment drops down into Turkana districts in Kenya; to the North is the Sudan; to the west and south are Uganda districts populated by Langi, Teso, and Sebei people.

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Visit to the indigenous traditional healer $25

1 Day
This is commonly known to as “EMURON” in the Karimojong language meaning traditional doctor, foreseers, they sometimes use special clay […]

Mining tour $25

1 Day
Discover the new mining activities of our pastoral communities which were started recently as an alternative sustainable income generating activity […]

Bicycle tours $30

If you are looking for the challenging and adventure of a lifetime and want to explore and ride overland through […]

Sundowner rock point $25

There’s something magical about the dusty and yellow sunsets at the Uganda’s land of warrior Nomads: the vibrant colors, dramatic […]

Boda boda (Motor safaris) $50

Explore karamoja in details with a light boda-boda, meet the natives, and shake the hands of craft men and women. […]

Nature walks $25

We also organize nature walks to along the valley of mount moroto where you will encounter the true wild of […]

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We organize affordable tours for all locals’ tourist at a pocket friendly price. We do this because not all locals can afford the standard rates given by other tour operators. We also like them to appreciate Karamoja that has been living in isolation for many years because of the dark past of cattle raids

Even within Uganda, little is known and much is misunderstood about the Karimojong people. The Karimojong have not received much exposure through media and photography like other pastoral groups, such as the Turkana and Massai. Yet the stories of the Karimojong, their culture and history, are just as powerful and timeless.

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